VK Media (Player)


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Vk Media player for Windows 8.

VK Media Player is application for playing music from the popular social network vk.com. Account of the vk.com used to enter into the application.

The user can:
- Play own audio;
- Play audio of friends and groups;
- View recommendations;
- View audio by album;
- To add and delete audio;
- View information about the artist;
- View lyrics;
- Offline mode;
- Seek audio;
- Displays the current audio on tile.

Download free VK Media Player software for Windows Phone 8

Vk Media player for android.

Music player for VK social network. With this application you can listen to your music and friends music, add and delete records and edit albums. The search function helps you to find any audio in a huge database of VK.

With VK Media Player you can:
- Search for audio and video from the social network VK;
- Play audio and video files from groups and friends;
- Listen audio and watch video without Internet access (offline mode);
- Sort saved songs;
- Add songs to the album;
- Broadcast music to status;
- Add / remove video;
- Check annotations and leave your comments to video;
- Save video from search;
- Sort video by size;
- Configure downloading of additional content (lyrics, information about the artist, covers);
- Apply Last.FM scrobbling ;
- Get Last.FM recommendations ;
- Use an offline scrobbling;
- Create ringtones;
- Listen to the radio;
- Add your favorite radio stations;
- Play songs from SD-card folders;
- Enjoy easy navigation;
- Setup widget to homescreen;
- Setгз the sleep timer.
With VK Media Player you will always enjoy your favorite media content! VK Media Player is your ticket to the world of music and video!
Join us in VK http://vk.com/mediaplayer4all!
Lets together make VK Media Player much better! :)

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